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Vacuum Casting

Taking into account the uneconomical cost of manufacturing a steel injection moulding tool, especially if only a low number of parts are required, 3D Prototyping offer vacuum casting and silicone moulding facilities to you at a cost effective and more efficient way of producing 10 – 500 parts in a range of materials.

Vacuum casting (or silicone moulding) is a process where by we make a pattern of the part, suspend that in a tank, poor liquid silicone around it, wait for the silicone to cure then we cut the silicone mould in half to remove the pattern and the void thats left is used to cast the parts with. Each silicone mould can do up to a maximum of 25 shots (this all depends on the geometry of the part) before we have to make another silicone mould.

3D Prototyping can quote and produce your low volume parts simply by providing either an IGES, STEP or X_T file.

3D Prototyping have a range of materials available, including:

  • ABS: Surfaces can be metalised, chromed and vacuum metalised or painted. Widely used for functional applications.
  • Glass filled Nylon (GF 15%) for high strength in load testing.
  • Polypropylene, Polycarbonate and rubber, in various Shore hardness’s.
  • Other materials available on request, just speak with one of 3D Prototyping’s qualified team.

Vacuum Casting

  • Silicone_Moulding.jpg
  • Air_Filter_2-2d9802c280.jpg
  • picture_3-Silicon_mould_without_part-00a8afad9f.jpg
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  • rubber-9783e6c03e.jpg
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  • silicon-mould7-37aaf8c4d8.jpg
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