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Rapid Tooling

Does your product require 500 or more components but less than 100,000 over a 3 year period but your budget doesn’t stretch to the full cost of injection moulding tooling?

3D Prototyping can offer a solution that fills gap between low volume silicone tooling and full injection moulding tolling with our Rapid Tooling Process. Utilizing high grade grade tool steel in a compact tool design we can lower your costs while continuing to maintain high quality components. The tooling is suitable for producing up to 100,000 components or used over a 3 year period whichever comes first. 

With a wider range of materials available than our vacuum casting process and equal to full injection moulding processes , all our moulded products can have components painted , chromed , or screen printed just as full injection moulded components.With shorter lead times than full injection moulding 3D Prototyping can assist you in getting your product to market quicker and more cost effectively than any other process.

For a no obligation quote to produce your parts we would require STEP , IGES or a .X_T


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