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3D Printing in this method is a low cost way to create a model for display or non-functional prototypes, having a physical means to see and feel prototypes that are useful in solving problems and ensuring your ideas are physical pieces.

Utilising our 3D Print method that will produce large scale models in a multitude of colours in a low cost method.  Create physical 3D printed models with ease of production that models your design in hours not days or weeks.

Winning the all-important contract and only have pieces of paper to showcase your design; fail!  Be the winning sales team with your custom physical 3D model.  3D Prototyping can take your design and effortlessly transform to a physical model that your clients can see and feel.


Whether you're designing small individual components or large scale machines 3D Prototyping can transform your designs into high quality prototypes in colour within hours, not days or weeks that perhaps you are used to.

There is no need to show customers confusing drawings anymore simply have your designs transformed into a physical model and see how your company can reap the rewards.

Communicate with Clients - Functional appearance prototypes are useful in solving problems and obtaining agreement on a design direction. Introduce finite analysis within your design to visually see stresses and forces within your component.

Patterns for Castings

Whether you are producing a pattern for investment or sand casting 3D prototyping can transform your 3D CAD generated design into an accurate and durable pattern. With 3D Prototyping's process we can produce the finest of detail on the most complex of patterns more cost effectively than any other process. Each pattern can then be sanded, drilled, tapped and machined if further processes are required.

Carbon Fibre Mouldings

3D Prototyping can produce highly complex patterns that can be used as cores for moulding Carbon Fibre, which can then be easily removed after the curing process. Unlike any other process, more complex shapes can be achieved at a lower cost. For more detailed information on how to use Carbon Fibre in 3D Printing processes contact our Production Engineering Team Today on 07 3262 9283.


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3D Prototyping can have your design transformed into a physical 3D model to show customers or to assist in winning that all important contract. Leading architects and designers utilise this modeling to produce prototypes of their designs in colour.

No longer do you show customers confusing drawings, simply have your design transformed into a physical model.  Communicate with your clients, in real time with something to touch - Functional appearance prototypes are useful in solving problems and obtaining immediate agreement on a design direction. 

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Medical Models

3D Prototyping can turn a scan from a patient into a physical model in just a few hours without the need for exploratory surgery or it can simply be used as a teaching aid or as a physical aid when it does come to surgery.

Pre-surgical planning: The ability to use models for pre-surgical planning reduces operating room time, lowers cost, and enhances patient outcomes by minimizing incision sizes, reducing recovery time and allowing for procedure rehearsals.

Medical student/resident education: 3D Prototyping models prove very useful in communicating with students and residents. Complex 2D images can be converted into easy to understand 3D models that can be held and easily manipulated for a more complete understanding of the anatomy.

For more information contact our technical sales team on 07 3262 9283 for a confidential discussion of your needs.


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Whether you're designing a boat, surfboard, engine block, tractor or anything in requiring 3D inspection, 3D Prototyping's technology will assist your company in getting your product to market faster. This will ensure reduced costs to your company’s bottom line.

Why pay for expensive tooling only to find out that your design doesn’t meet your companies or customers requirements when 3D Prototyping can have an accurate model generated and in your hands within hours.

Communicate with your clients - Functional prototypes are useful in solving problems and obtaining agreements on a design direction.

For a no obligation discussion and quote simply contact our qualified team on 07 3262 9283 or 'click here' for Request a Quote details.


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3D Prototyping utilises high end professional 3D Printers that can print in incredible detail with build layers as thin as 16 microns utilising materials that more closely resemble true materials. With a wide range of materials we can 3D Print more realistic prototypes that will allow you to evaluate your design better than ever before. 

For more information contact our technical sales team on 07 3262 9283 for a confidential discussion of your needs.


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Civil Engineering

3D Prototyping enables you to output high-quality terrain, urban and sub-surface maps in hours at very low cost.

Enhance your companies profile when trying to win that all important contract by introducing mapping or aerial photos within your civil model to accurately depict landmarks as well as gradients in stunning colour.

Leading architects, engineers and contractors can use 3D Prototyping from conceptual design through to construction. From massing models printed directly from CAD, to iterations of detail components for a design study, 3D Prototyping are the fastest, most cost effective way to fabricate complex geometries in high definition colour.

How to Print GIS Data:

  •     Chose the level of detail and area you want to model
  •     Determine the size and scale of the model (how will the model be displayed)
  •     Export a VRML/PLY file for 3D printing from GIS software
    •         DEM (digital elevation model)
    •         Colour Image (Orthorectified, registered to the DEM. Satellite, Aerial, Annotation, Chloropleth)
  •     Forward 3D model of VRML file onto 3D Prototyping.

For details on how 3D Prototyping can assist with your mapping, contact our team on 07 3262 9283.

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