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UP BOX+ 3D Printer

UP BOX+ 3D Printer
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Drawing upon Tiertime’s industrial roots, the UP BOX+ is packed with luxuries not typically found in its price range. Its passively-heated enclosure can produce large ABS prints with minimal chance of warping. Its software and auto-leveling ensure you spend your time printing instead of adjusting your printer. Compare its build volume, full enclosure and air filtration to similarly priced machines and your choice will be clear.


    High Print Quality
    Accurate and stable, the BOX+ is capable of printing detailed prototypes and end-use parts with minimal layer line visibility in a variety of materials.
    Recirculating HEPA Filtration with Activated Carbon
    Tested by The Built Environment Research Group at the Illinois Institute of Technology, The BOX+’s internal air filter radically reduces UFP (ultrafine particle) and VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions during printing, recycling the build chamber’s air, over and over.
    Full Enclosure
    Warm air is retained within the build chamber, minimizing the risk of ABS warping while further reducing UFP and VOC environmental impact.
    Powerful Software
    Take the headache out of printer settings. UP Studio and the UP Studio APP were created specifically for UP printers and allow you to take full advantage of their features. Set up prints, adjust smart-support creation, import a wide variety of file formats and perform standard maintenance tasks, all within an easy-to-use interface.
    Advanced Materials Options
    The BOX+ provides superior and safe ABS printing, but UP Studio’s ability to set custom nozzle and platform temperatures means you can print with a wide variety of filaments to suit your professional needs: ABS, PLA, PLA Composites, Polycarbonate, Bronze, Conductive, Nylon, Wood, ASA, PET, Flexible, Carbon Fiber and more.
    Large Build Volume
    Do you dream of huge, warp-free ABS printing? Are you tired of cutting your models into pieces and then printing each piece, hoping to put it back together during post-processing? Live your dreams and stop trying to fix large jobs after the fact with the BOX+’s 255 × 205 × 205 mm build envelope.
    Empty Spool Detection
    Stop print failures resulting from a miscalculation of the amount of filament remaining. The BOX+ knows you have run out of filament and will pause the print job until you can replace the spool.
    Interchangeable Print Surfaces
    Choose the surface that fit yours needs and easily swap from one surface to another.
    - UP Perf – Maximum first layer adhesion
    - UP Flex – Medium first layer adhesion
    Automatic Platform Calibration
    How much time do you spend leveling your current printer’s print bed? The BOX+’s electronic sensors and probes automatically detect nozzle height and bed level through a nine-point calibration sequence, allowing UP Studio to compensate for subtle variations in print surface height.
    Included Accessories1 0.5 kg spool of UP Fila ABS
    1 Bed scraper
    1 Filament cutter
    1 Pair of heat-resistant gloves
    2 UP Perf Boards, 2 UP Flex Boards
    1 Micro SD card and reader
    2 0.4 mm nozzles
    1 Nozzle wrench
    1 Spool cover for 1 kg spools
    1 Spool rack for 1 kg spools
    2 Binder clips
    1 Calibration card