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OptimScan-3m-Metrology 3D SCanner

OptimScan-3m-Metrology 3D SCan
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OptimScan-3M 3D scanner is the standard 3D scanner released by Shining 3D.
Equipped with 3 mega pixels cameras and latest blue light scanning technology, it has wide application due to its excellent performance.


    High Accuracy, 0.007mm for Single Scan Accuracy :
    Reference points optimization, overall accuracy could reach 0.1mm/m
    Accuracy measuring is done according to German neasuring inspection standard VDI/VDE2634
    3.0 mega pixels cameras presents you high resolution data with exquisite details.
    High Speed Scan, Less than 2 Seconds for Single Scan :
    It takes only a few minutes for small parts scanning
    It takes around 30 minutes to scan a 1 meter long object(it varis for different operators)
    Adjustable Scan Ranges :
    3 sets of scan ranges are available
    Freely adjustable
    More convenient and suitable
    Suitable for Scanning Objects with Complex Surfaces, Soft Objects’ Overall Inspection and Measurement :
    Non-contact 3D scanning can be applied in complex component like turbine blade measurement and inspection, consuming around 10% of the total time needed with traditional CMM system. Not only faster, but also full dimension inspection and measurement can be carried out.
    3D Probe :
    • Compatible with OptimScan-3M/5M
    • Easily measuring the positions that non-contacted scanning is inaccessible, such as very deep holes
    • Optical CMM measurement technology
    • Wireless bluetooth transmission
    • Light and portable design