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MoonRay DLP 3D Printer

MoonRay DLP 3D Printer
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An all-in-one system designed for your desktop to empower your workflow.
Two printer models engineered to suit your different needs: MoonRay S is ideal for engineers and designers who require bigger build areas; MoonRay D is perfect for creating intricate pieces for jewellery casting or for dental application.
Equipped with the patented UV DLP projector, RayOne it is well-calibrated and long-lasting for improved resin-curing control and dimensional stability.
Print super-fine detail of 75-100 microns in X Y resolution!
Surface Smoothing Algorithm will keep your parts smooth and from looking pixelated.
Compatible with Mac and Windows, RayWare has an advanced support generator which results in easy support removal and minimises material wastage. This makes it up to 30% more efficient!
Unique and durable resin tank will last through at least 50L of resin before replacement.