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The X1 3D Prototyping is 3D Prototyping's own branded desktop 3D Printer.  Additionally, 3D Prototyping are the Exclusive Australian distributor for the complete range of Shining 3D printers and scanners and recently became an Authorised Reseller of the full range of products of Stratasys. 

Understanding the full gamut of 3D printing; from the home enthusiast to designers and manufacturers; 3D Prototyping is the one stop shop for all areas of 3D Printing.

Please Explore our Extensive Range Below:

X1 3D Prototyping

The X1 3D Prototyping printer has been produced predominately to allow production of low cost high quality 3D printed models direct from your desktop.   Whether you are a home enthusiast, student or home designer, the X1 3D Printer is what we believe the best low cost desktop 3D Printer on the market.  Producing fast and accurate 3D printed models, CLICK AND PRINT from your desktop.  Sleek design, large build tray, multitude of coloured filaments and the positioning accuracy of 0.01mm you will be producing 3D printed models in fine detail in no time.

3D Prototyping has recently developed the 3D Prototyping X1 low cost, high quality 3D Printer for the home hobbyist or industrial designer.

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3D Prototyping reseller agreement with Stratasys will provide our clients with accurate profiling of the most suitable machine for your needs.  Stratasys manufactures 3D Printers for rapid prototyping needs with a full range of 3D Printers for the home hobbyist to the automotive, medical, aeronautical and many other manufacturing companies.  Ranging from low cost home printers through to multi-faceted machines that produce production ready prototypes, the Stratasys product range is unrivalled in its technological expertise.  Understanding the prototyping needs of the future will ensure Stratasys 3D Printers have a model for your needs.

Encompassing the IDEAS, DESIGN, and PRODUCTION Ranges of the Stratasys Range, over 20 customisable 3D Printers, along with finishing machines and applications

  • 1200ESprinter
  • Object500Connex3
  • Objet24
  • Objet260_Connex
  • Objet30Scholar
  • Objet500_Connex1
  • ObjetEden260V
  • Objet_1000
  • Objet_Eden350_Eden350V
  • Objet_Eden500V
  • designseriersprinters
  • dimeliteseries
  • fortus250mc
  • fortus900
  • mojobases
  • mojocontrol
  • mojoprintengines
  • mojoprinter
  • mojoprinterpack
  • mojoprintersm
  • mojoprintwiz
  • mojoww
  • o24print1
  • objet500connex2
  • uprintprinter
  • uprintproduct
  • uprintww


Sitting at the high end market of SLA printing technology 3D Prototyping offer the Shining 3D SLA Rapidise SLA machine. With a 650x600x400mm build tray this machine will run at an accuracy of 0.05mm~0.2mm.  Shining 3D has the latest rapid prototyping technologies in additive manufacturing suitable for producing prototypes and production parts. Stereolithography (SLA) rapid prototyping technology is suitable for the production of small to medium part, generally from resin or plastic like materials.

Stereolithography (SLA) machine is developed by Shining3D, professional in 3D printing technology.

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