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3D Prototyping FAQ's

The cost will all depend on what process they are made in, how big they are and how much material is used to make them, where unfortunately we cannot give pricing out over the phone not even rough pricing, only from a CAD file that has been sent through. The final cost will be based on time in the machine plus material used. We are certainly NOT trying to be difficult so many factors go into creating a quote - size, materials, complexity etc, so therefore it is imperative we 'see' the file before quoting.
This will all depend on how big and complex the part is as well as whether you require an STL file from the scanning or whether you want us to reverse engineer the scan data and create a new CAD file such as a STEP, IGES or X_T file. In order to quote on something please send through a series of photos of the part that needs scanning as well as advising on the sizes and whether you require an STL file or a STEP, IGES or X_T file. For more information on scanning 'click here' for our 3D Scanning website.
Don’t worry, once we receive your files our highly experienced team of Engineers can decide what will be the best and most cost effective process to make your prototypes in. With our experienced staff we can guide you to the most cost-effective process for your needs.
Don't worry, speak to our team. Helping you develop 'your' design is something our team can assist you with. Contact the design team for a quote creating your design.
100%, at 3D Prototyping we do not utilise your design to profit from and only use your files to produce the prototype. You are covered under our 'Terms and Conditions'. Additionally should you require Non Disclosure or Confidentiality agreement signed; we are happy to do so.
Our “Request A Quote” section on our website can handle up to 4GB at a time so we can accept any size CAD file.
Generally yes, if your part is too large to move our machines are mobile and can be easily transported on site to your location. Contact our Team for quotes regarding on-site scanning.
For quoting we can accept STL, STEP, IGES, X_T, OBJ, OR VRML files. If we need to produce the prototype in the CNC process then we would prefer either a STEP, IGES or X_T file.
A single build size (see Technical specifications) is restricted to the machine that its made on, however there is no size limitations as we can make the prototype in sections and seamlessly re-assemble to form larger sized prototypes that you have designed.
At 3D Prototyping we utilise some of the most up to date printers and machines on the market to date, some costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, producing high quality prototypes in some highly specialised and realistic materials that you just won’t get from low cost printers. At 3D Prototyping we provide a high level of service and a fast turn around on quotes and on prototypes, getting you your prototype in your hand in as little as a few hours not weeks.


Don’t choose purely based on COST, not all prototypes are the same.

QUALITY should be paramount.