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3D Prototyping X1

3D Prototyping has recently developed the 3D Prototyping X1 low cost, high quality 3D Printer for the home hobbyist or industrial designer.

The 3D Prototyping X1 is one of the most accurate low cost 3D Printers on the market today, utilising a positioning accuracy of 0.01mm to produce pieces in incredibly fine detail. The large heated build tray allows for stable printing of models in a variety of brilliantly bold colours. Want multi-coloured printing, no problems, simply pause the print and change the colour spool and you are now printing effortlessly in different colours.

The easy-to-use software allows for slicing, scaling, rotation and the automatic addition of support material prior to printing.

This small, portable printer is suitable for home, work or school use.


  • Inspire the students’ creative thoughts and practical operation skills. Help students learn about the 3D printing technology and get them interested in the operation; Inspire creative ideas, transforming their new concepts into real object models.
  • Let designers’ dreams come true - most of the designers’ and makers’ bold ideas can be presented in real models within a few hours, no need for mould development or milling, casting process, etc.
  • Reduce companies’ innovation cost - Product prototype can be printed fast, efficient for design communication and simple assembly test; this boosts the new products ’R&D and sales cycle.
  • Bring happiness to your family, bring fun to your life
  • High quality compact metal frame gives the printer stability and smooth finish; with the in-built LED light shining from inside, 3D Prototyping X1 3D printer combines perfectly the technology and sleek design.
  • 4.4 inch OLED operation interface, printing can be done easily with the necessary information displayed on the illuminated screen.
  • One-button printing function, integrating open software, connect computer, select file, set parameter, start printing workflow into one button.
  • Brand new print software 3Dstart is more user-friendly; users can get a high quality printed object very easily, even if a first time user can soon become a “magician” of 3D printing.
  • Print parameters are available for modification, which allows “experts” to adjust the core parameters to customize the printing.
  • Multi-colour printing: creative colourful printing function (pause to change material), when there is a need for material change or a shortage of material, just click “pause” to change the filament and continue printing. This function not only solves the material shortage issue during the printing process, but also allows for multi colour printing.
  • In-built material plate makes the printer more compact and portable.

Print Envelope160 x 160 x 160mm
Layer Thickness0.15-0.35mm (adjustable)
Print Head Diameter0.4mm
Axis Running Speed40mm/s
Print Speed10-100cm3/h
Recommended highest temperature for print head240c
Machine Dimension300 x 320 x 390mm
Positioning Accuracy0.01mm (XY) 0.01mm (Z)
Consumable MaterialsPLA
Data InputUSB or TF card
Data Import FormatSTL
Price (INC GST)$2,145 + Delivery

3D Printer1 Set
Power Supply cable (out24V/7.5A)1 Piece
USB Cable 1 Piece
Filament Tube1 Piece
Filament (colour chosen at random)1 Spool
Software CD1 Piece
Hex Wench1 Set
Gloves1 Pair
Cutter1 Piece
Spatula1 Piece
Tweezers1 Piece
Knife1 Piece
Mini SD Card1 Piece
Mini SD Card Reader1 Piece
Glue1 Bottle

3D Printers X1

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