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Polyjet Printing

3D Prototyping proudly produces prototypes utilising an Objet Eden 350V machine, a Polyjet polymer based 3D printer; the newest 3D Printer to the 3D Prototyping range. With the only Eden 350V in a Rapid Prototyping service provider in Queensland; 3D Prototyping offers a wider range of materials and greater accuracy in parts than any other company in Queensland. With a large build area of 350 x 350 x 200mm and a build layer of 16 microns 3D Prototyping can now offer accurate and detailed prototypes.

3D Prototyping offers a wide range of materials including ABS, Polypropylene, Poly Carbonate and Rubber like materials.  Our production team can paint, drill, machine together. electro plated or vacuum metalised. Even for extra larger parts the materials are suitable to be spliced and seamlessly re-assembled to form whatever size prototype you require.


  • Advanced material of a mixture of RGD 515 & RGD 535
  • High temperature resistance coupled with superior toughness
  • Can be utilised for producing moulds to produce short run parts of less than 200
  • Ideal for having injection moulded parts done quickly while waiting for your steel injection mould.

Vero White 830

  • A white material similar to ABS
  • High Flexural modulus & humidity resistance
  • Increased temperature performance
  • Suitable for painting or plating

Vero White 430

  • A translucent material similar to polypropylene.
  • A highly flexible material which can replicate moulded polypropylene
  • Suitable for bottle caps, snap fitting of parts.
  • Can be reset to its original shape by bathing it in warm water.

Vero White 810

  • A clear material similar to Poly Carbonate
  • Can be highly polished and stained to replicate an indicator shell
  • Numerous applications from Lenses, glassware, screen covers etc.

Tango Black Plus 980

  • A black rubber like material
  • Has a high elongation break point.
  • Numerous applications from gaskets, valves, tyres, etc.

PolyJet Printing

  • machination
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