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3D Scanners

3D Prototyping are the exclusive distributors for Shining 3D Scanner series of products used for advanced 3D scanning as listed on our 3D Scanners website. The 3D scanner range adopts rapid scanning techniques and works with non-contact 3D scanning modes. They have key features such as automatic registration, high 3D resolution efficiency, high precision, high machine life and high resolution, which is especially suitable for reverse engineering of complicated free-form curved surfaces.

Shining 3D Scanner mainly applies in product development design (RD, such as rapid prototyping, 3D digitizing, 3D design, 3D scanning, etc.), reverse engineering (RE, such as reverse scanning, reverse design) and 3D testing (CAV), which is really an essential tool for product development and quality inspection.

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Ea-Scan D

Model Ea-Scan D
Application Field Equipped with 3 sets of scan ranges, suitable for 3D measurement and inspection. It can also be applied for measurement and inspection of heavy and large objects.
Single Measuring Area 100×75mm², 200×150mm², 400×300mm²
Point Distance 0.078-0.312mm
Volume Accuracy  0.15mm/m
Scan Depth 100-400mm
Camera Resolution 1,310,000×2
Light Source Blue Light LED
Scan Type Non contact structured light scanning
Alignment Method Reference points auto-alignment/manual alignment
Operating System win7 64bit
Output Data Format ASC, STL, PLY, RGE, P3, PF
RaPC Configuration Requirement CPU: Intel core i5 3350   or better

Display card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 640  or better

Memory: 4G DDR3 1600 or better

OptimScan 3M OptimScan 5M

Model 3M 5M
Application Field Reference points optimization, overall accuracy could reach 0.1mm/m

Accuracy measuring is done according to German measuring inspection standard VDI/VDE2634.
Adjustable Scan Ranges

Single scan accuracy could reach 0.007mm

Overall accuracy could be contained within 0.05mm/m




Single Scan Range
100×75mm², 200×150mm², 400×300mm² 100×75mm²200×150mm²400×300mm²
0.007-0.025mm 0.005-0.015mm
Point Distance
0.048-0.192mm 0.04-0.16mm
Scan Time <2S <2S
Volume Accuracy 0.1mm/m 0.08mm/m
Camera Resolution 3,000,000×2 5,000,000×2
PC Configuration Requirement CPU: Intel core i7 3770 or better

Display card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 670 or better

Memory: 8G DDR3 1600 or better
CPU: Intel core i7 3770 or better

Display card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 670 or better

Memory: 16G DDR3 1600 or better
Scan Depth 100-400mm
Scanning Type Blue Light LED
Scan Type Non-contact structure light scanning
Output Data Format ASC, STL, PLY, RGE, P3, PF
Operating System win7 64bit

FreeScan X3

Model FreeScan X3
Application Field Almost unlimited 3D scanning, not affected by size, texture and colour of the object.  FreeScan X3 adopts new line laser array and high speed 3D scan technology which can be used in the situation where there is no external positioning system, tripod or fixture.

X3 Handheld Pic




3D Scanning area 230 x 250 mm
3D scanning principle 6 line laser array, Class II (eye safe)
Measurement Accuracy Maximum 0.03 mm
Resolution 0.100 mm
Scan Rate 240000 (scans /s)
Size 135 x 80 x 300 (mm)
Weight 0.8kg
Working temperature -10 - 40 C
Output Data Format ASC, STL, PLY, RGE, P3, PF
Interface USB3.0

FreeScan X5


FreeScan X5

Application Field

Large measurement spaceAlmost unlimited 3D scanning, not affected by size, texture and colour of the object;

High compatibility:  Compatible with 3D photogrammetric systems, measuring large workpiece.


Freescan X5 action 2 1024x734 360x258

FreeScan X5 2 240x360
X5 Pic1

X5 Pic

X5 software 360x259

Single Shot Accuracy

0.035 mm

Volume Precision

0.02mm+0.08 mm/m

Volume Precision (Combined with DigiMetric)

0.020 mm+0.025 mm/m


0.1 mm

Scan Speed

350,000 scans/sec

Single Scan Range

100 – 8000 mm

Working Distance

300 mm

Scan Depth

250 mm

Supporting Program for Extended Measurement


Laser Category

Class II (Eye Safe)



Output Data Format

STL, OBJ, FBX, MA, ASC, PLY, DAE, and compatible with mainstream 3D Software

OS System Support

Win10 64bit

Operation Temperature


Transmission Mode



0.95 kg


130x90x310 mm

Photogrammetry System

Model Photogrammetry System
Images 3d-image-22-opt3d-image-23-opt3d image 24
Accuracy ≤0.10mm/4m
Measuring Area 0.1×0.1×0.1~50×50×50m3
Calibration Self-calibration
Reference standard VDI 2634/1
Data transfer Wireless transmission or flash card
Camera specification SLR, 24mm lens, ≥12,000,000 pixels
Ambient temperature -20 to 100°C

Design X - Reverse Engineering Software

Model Design X - Reverse Engineering Software  
Images 3dscanning
Functions 3D Reverse Modeler, Points + Polygons + NURBS +

Parametric CAD Solids/Surfaces

Rapid model building

More complete model

Solid model achievement

Parameter achievement

Standard solid model workflow

Connecting process

Geomagic Control - Inspection Software

Model Geomagic Control - Inspection Software  
Functions Compare Manufactured Parts to CAD Models in Minutes

Coordinate location

Live Inspect™ & Live Scan™

Report design

Trend analysis

Inspection of level difference & clearance

Vane inspection


Model Application Field Images

The Fixture accessory is simple to use. Through it's sturdy and secure holding this accessory will support small objects firmly. This will enable the work piece to be easily and precisely scanned by Shining 3D-Scanner series products.

The fixed-points on the existing fixtures enable the same coordinate systems to be applied (there is no need to place extra tag points of the work piece). This will improve the scanning efficiency and ensure your results are more precise.



Portable Auto Turntable

The Portable Auto Turntable coordinates with the 3D scanner to scan small and light objects. This will allow the object to be scanned automatically and without the need to rotate the object, effectively making scanning easier and more efficient.

  • Free rotating or fixed angle rotating, depending on scanning conditions;
  • Small size, portable to any scan situation.

Professional Tripod or Vertical Measuring Bench

The Professional Tripod and/or the Vertical Measuring Bench are both suitable for large work pieces or those that are hard to move. This will enable you to determine the scanned area, enlarge scan ranges and enhance data qualities.

Calibration Boards

Used to recalibrate the scanners or to recalibrate when switching from scanning between different sized objects.

Reference Points

Sold in packs of 10,000 points and used for referencing the surface of an object.

3D Prototyping Scanners Reference Points
Metal Briefcase

A robust metal brief case for storage and transportation of the scanners, calibration boards etc.

3D Prototyping Scanners Metal Briefcase